June 6, 2017



FZMAUR consists of metropolitan areas and urban agglomerations established under Law no. 215/2001 with subsequent amendments and completions.

FZMAUR is a legal entity of private law, without patrimonial, non-governmental and apolitical purpose, constituted for the purpose of representing members in relation with central public authorities and in relations with international bodies or institutions.

FZMAUR’s mission is to contribute to Romania’s polycentric development through active involvement in the process of achieving territorial, social and economic cohesion at existing metropolitan areas and urban agglomerations.

Metropolitan areas and urban agglomerations are now the “engines” of Romania’s sustainable development, being places where “the economic and social future of this country is being built”.

In this context, we are launching an invitation to all metropolitan or urban agglomeration ADIs that are not yet members of the Federation to join in accomplishing these goals.